I’ve recently enrolled for postgraduate studies and now realise that studying is not only for young people but also the young at heart! In fact, I think I enjoy it more now, than I did previously! I find the curriculum and articles I read interesting, related to my career field and it feels good to invest in my own development. It is however not that easy to be an adult student when other responsibilities like running a coaching practice and being a mom keeps knocking at the door. I thought I’d share 6 tips with you in terms of what I find really helpful when studying in the second half of life:

  • Listen to your body. Use your best time of day for creative thinking and planning.
  • Work every day for a set period of time. Even if it is only one hour per day – you know they say the way to eat an elephant is by doing so bite by bite.
  • Know why you are studying. It may be to shake up your career or explore new career fields. Or it may be a way to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Whatever it is, know why you are doing it – it gives reason to the ‘suffering’.
  • Link what you study to your current career field or a new career field you would like to explore. This way you become an expert in your field which, as a bonus, is backed up by peer reviewed research.
  • Find a study buddy. Even if they do not have all the answers, they will surely be there to encourage you along the way.
  • Enjoy the process. It is not a given that you have opportunities to develop yourself, it is a choice. Enjoy it, you are more privileged than most.

The importance of personal development can’t be overstated.  It’s the secret to separating yourself from the pack, the bridge that carries you toward the goals you have yet to reach. Be brave, you can do it!

Love & hope


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