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About adult learning

I’ve recently enrolled for postgraduate studies and now realise that studying is not only for young people but also the young at heart! In fact, I think I enjoy it more now, than I did previously! I find the curriculum and articles I read interesting, related to my...

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About being creative to be employable

With mid-year exams done and dusted, graduation for senior students as well as grade twelve learners are in sight and I can already see the build-up excitement in students and learners I work with, regarding options towards qualifications as well as the possibility of...

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About breaking crayons

I have recently been revisiting the concept of passion and purpose, after a series of questions from my coachees on this topic.  It seems that there are many opinions and ideas around finding one’s passion and purpose, and that knowing when you’ve found it, is...

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About time

I am not sure about you, but my year started out in such a rush, I think I already need a break.  The reality however is, it’s not break-time yet and I have to work!  So many things I want to do, so many places I want to be.  I’ve asked around and it seems that this...

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Oor genoeg

Hierdie blog is oorspronklik geskryf op 21 Mei 2017. Ek weet nou wat genoeg is. ‘n Rukkie terug het ek nie geweet nie. Toe het ek gedink genoeg is om genoeg geld te hê, sodat ‘n mens maklik alles kan betaal elke maand en nog oorhet vir lekker dinge. Ook dat genoeg is...

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Dear almost graduate| How to access that hidden job market

Dear almost graduate You’re practically there! Final exams are just around the corner and then you’re done! How awesome!You did great! So how is it then that suddenly it seems as if that winking grown-up life is really difficult? Some of the questions I regularly hear...

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