I’m Liesl Cronje

Personal brand and employability coach

Encouraging you to live your personal brand

Personal brand architect to students, mold breakers and budding entrepreneurs

Exploring your unique selling proposition (talents, skills, passions and story), designing your career and connecting you to your network.

Life coaching

Exploring a well-balanced and meaningful live.

Personal Brand Coaching

Who are you, what do you do and how can you connect to the world of work

Employability Coaching

The most sought after employability skills and how to use this.
Career prototyping.

Life Coaching

Living a balanced and mindful life.
Reframing limiting belief patterns.
Life design.
Creativity in doing life.

Tailor made Facilitation

Group and team facilitation on: Personal and team branding.
Employability skills.
Building networks.
Thinking teams.
Idea development.
Team unique selling propositions.
Team communication.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a facilitated growth and development process through which you find and forge your own path, re-discover yourself and move towards the goal you have in sight.  It is a discovering hope process.

Who is Coaching for?

Coaching is for those who have enough courage to explore and transform towards a better future.

What is the process like?

Individual sessions are facilitated at the Thyme2B office space, via SKYPE or at a space of your choice (terms & conditions apply).

Group and team sessions are facilitated on your premises or a venue of your choice (terms & conditions apply).


  • Make the decision
  • Contact me
  • Sign the contract
  • Let’s go
Identify a goal

Moving forward.  Where would you like to be or what would you want to have accomplished after your coaching journey?

Explore core values

What are your guiding principles in life?

Explore strengths

What are you really naturally good with?

Explore what drives you

What gives you energy and makes you feel alive?

Build skills

Exploring employability and other skills

Prototype a life/career plan

Let’s play, you have different options/possibilities

Build a connection grid

How to identify and access your network

Create your story

How does your new story look like

Coaching Packages

*Enquire about special student rates

6 Week Coaching

More Details

Sessions = 60 minutes each
Includes 1 Strength Finder Assessment


*R610 per 60 minute session + R300 for SF Assessment (cost of SF Assessment is based on exchange rate)
*Sessions can be billed monthly on request

9 Week Coaching

More Details

Sessions = 60 minutes each
Includes 1 Strength Finder Assessment


*R600 per 60 minute session + R300 for SF Assessment (cost of SF Assessment is based on exchange rate)
*Sessions can be billed monthly on request

Once of Session

More Details

60 minute session



More Details

2 – 3 hour workshops
To be quoted on request

About Me

I am Liesl Cronje, brand architect to students, mold breakers and budding entrepreneurs.  I coach you towards discovering your Unique Selling Proposition (talents, skills, passion and story) and the development of your personal, business or career brand and plan. I love facilitation of group and team sessions and I’m inspired by hope, courage and new dreams.

I am a creative by heart and in my free time I pursue me and my daughters short story and sketches brand (I write and she draws) – LiliBeth. Find us in the Ideas/Idees Magazine of 2019 and at Instagram.com/lili or Instagram.com/lilibeth

I am a:

  • Certified Life and Business coach
  • COMENSA registered practitioner coach
  • Certified Total SDI Facilitator
  • Strategic foresight | Narrative transformation facilitator
  • Depth-facilitation facilitator


When I look back on the sessions we took together it was such a great progress and experience which I can carry forward and be able to stand up for myself and do things that I believe in. With the help of my coach Liesl she made me realise that anything is possible.” – Khanya

“The 2 day course was highly appreciated and highly valued by the students. It has contributed in that manner to a greater skills set for the students, enhancing employability. The friendly, positive and student-centred proactive and professional nature of Liesl made it a pleasure to work with her.” – Ben, Stellenbosch University

“My sincerest thanks for a wonderful journey together! You have really helped me speak life into my brand and gain a greater understanding  of why I do what I do as well as put healthy boundaries in place to keep focused on my path. I am feeling grounded, peaceful and confident at the end of our process. Your wise, kind and sensitive coaching approach is so effective and I felt comfortable straight away. Thank you for leading me through this turning point in my life! I appreciate you!” – Kerryn Powel, Affect Consulting


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