On my bookshelf is a book, The accidental creative – how to be brilliant at a moment’s notice. An interesting book with many tools on how to generate better ideas, more consistently. Sometimes however it’s hard to be creative and innovative, even though we have numerous books and tools to assist.

More than once this year I found myself freshly out of creative ideas. It was depleted, exhausted, used up, done. Until I rediscovered the wooden bench in my garden. A special quiet thinking space where I found that if I sit very still in the early hours of the day, I can feel the sunbeams playing on my back. At more or less the same time my cat chooses to relax on my lap, and the little green sugar bird takes a sip from the neighboring Protea bush. Late afternoon on the same bench, the birds are having their last conversations and the trees turn warm pink in the setting sun. And this is where I realised that my ideas did not disapear, they just hid behind the wall of busyness, to shyly peep around the corner of the house when I took the time to sit, very still, on my bench while nature entertains me.

Sometimes we think that doing more, saying more and having more connections will get us THERE, where all is better. But it’s rather in the stillness of doing-less, saying less and engaging with less people, where we find that everything we need is, HERE.

Thank you to every client for making this a special year and helping me to realise that what I need is just HERE. I leave you with a short excerpt from a poem by Wendell Berry – What we need is here:

And we pray, not

for new earth or heaven, but to be

quiet in heart, and in eye,

clear. What we need is here.

May you have a blessed festive season and may you realise that you already have all the creative input you need to put forward as new ideas. What you need, is already here.