Dear almost graduate

You’re practically there! Final exams are just around the corner and then you’re done! How awesome!
You did great!

So how is it then that suddenly it seems as if that winking grown-up life is really difficult? Some of the questions I regularly hear when coaching students are: “Where will I work? How will I find employment? How am I going to let people know about my awesomeness and all the skills I have to contribute?” Dave Evans and Bill Burnett from Stanford University addressed just this when answering the question on how to access the ‘work’ web in the hidden job market. They say: “… it is quite impossible to get inside that web as a job seeker. But it’s quite possible to crack into the network as a sincerely interested inquirer.”

Yes realities do kick in once you’ve graduated, but building and growing your network is a good option worth exploring and which can assist you in answering the above questions. So here are some suggestions on how to be a ‘sincerely interested inquirer’:

1. Make a list of all the possible types of careers you can follow with your current skills
2. Make a list of all the possible types of careers you would want to follow (those you love and which you think will really energize you) and what skills you think you still need?
3. Make a list of possible companies that offer these types of careers
4. Who do you know that can possibly link you to someone at one of these companies?
5. Who do you know that is already working in your line of interest or at one of your listed companies?
6. Make contact and ask for an exploring conversation
7. Do as many conversations as possible (three at least)
8. Ask as many inquiring questions as possible

What is an exploring conversation?

• Just a normal conversation (not an interview), where you can ask what you always wanted to know about a specific career – 45 minutes max
• A ‘peek into’ a career
• A coffee chat
• An informal experience where you ask the questions
• A new connection in your network
• A possible link to internships & employment after graduation

You can do it! It’s not that difficult at all! So hang in there, you will find the answers, one connection at a time.

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Until next Thyme!