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There are many different definitions for coaching and many types of coaching, but in short it can be described as a reflective process in which you move towards a reachable goal. This is usually not a quick fix but a slow developmental process in which I as coach walk a journey with you, towards who you really are, what you can become and what you were made to be.  In business it will be why you do what you do, how do you do it and what do you do.  Your story is part of your own personal journey as well as your career and business journey. Coaching is an ongoing process that will help you to produce extraordinary results.

As coach I am passionate about transformation, new ideas, brand development & building, social media strategics and creativity .

Thyme2B is therefore all about transformational coaching, the generating of new ideas and brand building. This means that if you sign up for this coaching journey, there will be a transformation, meaning –  a marked change – a new direction. You, or your business, or your brand, will not be the same afterwards.  You will have lots of new ideas and direction.   You will be able to embrace your own unique story and fly with it.  Thyme2B coaching will enable you, or your business, 2b who you authentically are.

The Thyme2B coaching process

The core of the Thyme2B coaching model is COURAGE. Meaning: the ability to do something that frightens you. Change is not a natural process. It is not easy and it takes huge amounts of courage to change whatever needs to be changed. In this process we focus on your story, what it is at the moment, and what it could be.

I as coach will be using a creative methodology while facilitating the coaching process meaning that we will be looking at everyday challenges, from a different and new perspective, which involves a variety of aspects and ideas. You will apply your mind to carefully consider different options. The coaching process will help you to move beyond your story towards a story of true potential.

Thyme2B says what it says:

Thyme2B … YOU
Thyme2B … BOLD
Thyme2B … NEW
Thyme2B … AT PEACE
Thyme 2B … what/where you may need to be!

Thyme2B sessions

Some info on how the coaching sessions will be set-up for individual coaching:

  • 6 – 8 sessions per goal
  • Sessions are defined as 60 minutes sessions unless a different time is specifically requested
  • Sessions are confidential and will not be discussed with anyone else
  • Contact me for individual coaching tariffs

Some info on business-team coaching workshops:

  • Whether you are in the process of generating new ideas for specific challenges, new brand building or stuck with current processes, or whether you are just out of sync as a team and searching for some flow in your day to day environment, coaching is a great tool for team development, understanding each other and trusting those around you.
  • Full day or half day workshops can be scheduled at a venue of your choice. (Venue charge for your own account)
  • Contact me for groups coaching workshop tariffs

Some info on social media strategic sessions:

  • Monthly brainstorm sessions and compiling of strategy plans.
  • Coaching around brand and brand building.
  • Individual coaching for team members as well as team coaching.
  • Contact me for a custom-made social media plan to fit your needs and challenges.